PET Scan

I had my PET Scan this morning…had to drink some fluids to “light” me up internally for the PET scan, but it was pretty minor compared to the crap I had to drink for my CT scan at Medical Center of Plano (thank God!).

The PET scan took a couple hours (appointment, prep work & actual Scan, etc.). Plus it was EARLY (6am)…have I mentioned before that I am NOT a morning person?!?!?!  Pretty trivial though to be honest, so it wasn’t a big deal.  Apparently the PET scan is more in-depth than the CT scan & will give them a better look at the cancer & the tissue surrounding, etc.

Like I said, all in all, it was pretty minor & over with.  I continue to work as I have been, trying not to let this mess affect me, plus it helps take my mind off of things.

Still waiting to hear from insurance & when I will start the chemo & radiation treatments, etc.

Pain: 10

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