Treatment Day 21…3 Week Mark!

Today was an interesting one.  Went to my radiation appointment & had my treatment, but as I arrived at the clinic, my chemo pack started beeping.  I had to complete my radiation treatment through the annoying beeping (20 minutes or so) & then head over to the Chemo lab to have them take a look.

They had no idea other than a Code 7, so they replaced the whole unit.  Given I had 20 cc’s (?) of fluid left, they told me they’d just replace the main part of the pack & I had to still come in for my weekly refresh as usual tomorrow.  That took all of an extra hour or so.

I got home & started work right away.  Got quite a bit done I believe.  Had a small bowl of goulash for lunch & started to watch a movie while continuing to work…next thing I know it was after 4pm & I never went to see my mother or heard 4 calls (I had the phone on vibrate for when I was at the doctors).

So much for going to see Mom…kinda disappointed.  I enjoyed spending the afternoons with her, but I think my body just shut down.  Heck, I didn’t even want to get up for my radiation appointment today…I was exhausted this morning!  I really need to pay closer attention to my body, etc.  There’s just SO much to do.

Anyhow, when Dawnette got home, she made some chicken top add to last nights’ reheated dinner from Amy & we ate dinner while watching Underworld (real vampires, not the fake sparkly crap!  ;o) ).

After this gets over, the plan is to vacuum 2 rooms downstairs & then head off to bed.  Overall a good day, though I’m pretty exhausted.

Pain level: 8

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  1. Lucky says:

    Father, we ask that you give the Doctor’s the alertness and expietrse to do this surgery on Chris today. You alone are the great Physician and we call upon your name to reveal yourself once again on Chris’ behalf in a mighty way. We trust that YOU will work through the doctors and nurses hands as they work on Chris. We pray specifically for Chris’ complete healing in your perfect time. We trust and believe that you are in control of all things. May this surgery on Chris today exceed our expectations and may the doctors bring good news. Continue to bless their family as they give you the praise and glory as they witness to others. Please Father bring peace to the other family involved in this issue. For all of us You are our HOPE.

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