Treatment Day 2…

Had my 2nd radiation treatment this morning…I was about 15 minutes late as I overslept. The nurse ( ) gave me the Nth degree about my appointment time & how they come in early to accommodate us, etc.  I did only what I could do & apologize profusely…but wow!  Really?

Afterwards, I had my first chemo appointment.  I guess I’ll be doing this weekly & it will consist of checking in, getting blood work done (drawing blood) & then waiting to be called for my appointment with Dr. Stone & then taking care of my chemo pack.

Since this was my first appointment, I briefly met with Dr. Stone after getting placed on the scale (down to 262 pounds!) & being placed into a waiting room.  As I said, it was brief…more just “how are you”, here’s what to expect, etc.

Then back to the waiting room for the chemo room.  Once I got called in, she double-checked my pick-line area of my left arm & saline injected me to make sure the pick-line was working properly (cold!!!!).  She added some sort of connector & then attached a small hose that was connected to a beige device which has my chemo (Florouracil in a saline solution).  She had me wait till it kicked off for the first time & then told me I could leave.  I was there for maybe an hour…that’s it.  5 1/2 more week to go!

The rest of the day was work as usual.  I keep being told that the chemo & radiation would make me tired, but nothing so far!

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