Release Day…

On Saturday I was told that even though initially I was to be in for a week, that I had progressed well enough to go home on Sunday.  Though still in pain, I was glad to be out of the hospital!

Dr. Burleson checked me over mid-morning & confirmed that I could go home, so I called Dawnette & gave her the news.  She came up within about an hour or so & I filled out the paperwork & they wheeled me down to the waiting Caddy.

We had a friend in the hospital (Centennial Medical Center in Frisco), and even though I was supposed to go straight home, we went & saw her for about 20 minutes or so to see how she was doing.

That 20 minute detour was pretty rough on me believe it or not.  I got home & got settled into the downstairs guest bedroom & fell asleep…and I don’t remember much after that!

STILL no bowel movement through the stoma though, which was beginning to concern me as that meant that starting with the liquids on Thursday & solids on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, I STILL hadn’t had anything come out of the stoma (other than air or “gas”)…

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