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First Day after treatements…

OK, so I got some good sleep AGAIN last night.  After getting to sleep around midnight, I did wake up oncew about 5 a.m. or so to go to the bathroom & get another ice pack.  But I fell back asleep fairly quickly & didn’t wake up again until nearly 10 a.m.!  Plenty of rest, though I still felt “tired”.

After I got up, Dawnette & I went downstairs & had some breakfast (the donuts I had gotten yesterday on the way back from radiation) & watched a bit of TV.  We chatted a bit, talked about groceries, etc. & then I got dressed.

I went outside & got the mower started & mowed a portion of the back lawn.  After that, I took a look at the gate to see why there wasn’t any power.  After taking the silly thing apart, I found that a breaker had actually been tripped in the garage (wasn’t notice upon visual inspection, had to “touch” each one).  Anyhow, Dawnette put &  it back together for me & I finished up the remaining bit of the back yard.

As I did, it was about 2:30 p.m. or so & a friend came over to visit us from near Amarillo, TX.  She had left early in the morning to drive from there, to us.  We chatted for a bit & then I took a shower, followed by Dawnette.  We continued to chat some more & then Crystal did Dawnette’s hair in preparation for us going out to dinner to Texas Land & Cattle with some co-workers (David Urig & Greg Harden) & their spouses.  We got there just before 6 p.m., and though I had made a reservation, TXLC didn’t even seat us till 6:15 p.m. (argh!)

Gotta be honest, it was a great time of chatting & catching up!  Greg is coming back to our account after spreading his wings a bit on a different account & I haven’t seen Greg or David in months.  Matt Bernet was supposed to join us, but he wasn’t able to make it.  Perhaps next time!

A bit after 7:30 p.m., we left & headed home.  We had hoped to have a “Game Night” at our house, but got a lot of last-minute cancellations.  Seemed like some schmuck (me) didn’t put 2+2 together that it was Easter weekend!  Anyhow, the Giger family did join us & we chatted for a bit & we broke break together.  They brought a ” ” dish & I had made some seafood spinach dip along with a pumpkin pie, NY Cheesecake & berry pie.  We chatted for a bit afterwards before they had to leave as Gavin came down with an allergic reaction (to Jaz?).

Dawnette, Crystal & I played some bones afterwards for a couple of hours while we had some wine…Dawnette & I had some Sweet-Walter White Wine while Crystal had something that she had picked up previously.  During that time unfortunately, I had repeated, multiple bowel movements.  I didn’t keep track, but I would “guestimate” at least 6…

Because of it, we called it an early night around 11:30 p.m..  I went upstairs while Dawnette & Crystal picked up for us.  Before Dawnette had made it up, I had another 2 bowel movements.  By then, they were getting increasinly more painful.  I took my meds for the evening (a bit late), and laid down with an ice pack that Dawnette had brought up for me.

That’s about it…

Pain: 6

BM x (too many to count!)