Treatment Day 23…

OK, so last night was pretty rough…

After I last posted, I made dinner & we ate upstairs while watching the ‘Cuse game…I fell asleep by halftime when we were up.  Woke up JUST as the game concluded with Syracuse barely eeking out a win (I recorded it, so I’ll watch the rest later).  Anyhow, went to the bathroom & as usual, bowl movements are the BANE of my existence!  Again, I guess it’s because the BM presses along the cancer on its way out causing me ridiculous pain…but it takes hours for it to subside…and the days/nights I have multiple are just downright miserable.

So last night was one of those nights, multiple BM’s all night long….couldn’t sleep at all until about 3am or so.  Even then, it was very uncomfortable, restless.

Woke up reluctantly this morning for my morning radiation appointment & got there a bit early, so I was in & out & on my way home before 8 am!  Stopped & dropped the caddy off to the dealership to take care of a couple of minor maintenance items & got taken home by the dealership.

Worked the morning & had my review from work…got a REALLY good review…nothing “negative”…at the top of the Senior Admins…made my day…nice to “see” the reward of my time & effort…wasn’t really a surprise, but an occasional stroke of the ego is nice…my bosses boss commented that they hadn’t expected me to do much work at all once I was diagnosed, so they were really surprised to see me working 40+ hours per week still.  It’s not easy, and it goes in spurts, but I do what I can.  I enjoy what I do and the ability to work from home.  Not to mention my boss, David, while we don’t necessarily see eye to eye on everything, is probably one of the best managers I’ve worked for.  He’s pretty hands off with me & let’s me do what I want (re: gives me flexibility) which I really appreciate.  Makes me very loyal to him.  I’ve worked with some that micro-manage & I just don’t work well under those types of people.  Anyhow, a good review.

The afternoon was up & down…didn’t do as much work as I continued to be in pain, so I tried to rest, watch some movies & relax.  While Dawnette took Jaz to the veterinarian for his 6 month check-up, I made some more steak strips, did dishes & wiped down the counters.  That wiped me out…so I’m upstairs watching the Road Warrior & resting before (hopefully) an early bed time.

Pain: 8

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