Treatment Day 20…

Today started out a fairly decent day…went through my radiation appointment, met with Dr. Greenberg who thought my progress was good overall & expected the pain to continue to subside as the radiation continues the final 2+ weeks.  I then went to my appointment with Dr. Stone (Chemo doctor) & he also thought my progress was fine.

I was a bit concerned when I asked what the remainder of this process is going to be, he told me that they’ll operate regardless after waiting 4-6 weeks after my current treatments ended in 2 weeks.  Then I will have to continue chemo at a reduced dose for 4 months afterwards!  I understand why, but I firmly think that this chemo is what’s causing me to be lethargic, etc.

After my chemo I worked for a couple of hours & then headed to visit with Mom at the hospital in Lewisville.  She’s doing a bit better & they moved her from her PCU room to a “regular” room (re: ridiculously small!).  She still slept most of the afternoon as I worked.  I was just there to spend time with her & be with her as she needed.

When I got home, I was incredibly exhausted.  It’s the 2nd day that I had spent with Mom that I really hadn’t gotten much rest. I think it’s catching up to me.  Hopefully tomorrow will be her last day in the hospital & then I can get back to my usual routine with more rest.

A friend from church made dinner for us & dropped it off around 6:30 p.m.  Dawnette was helping me rest by rubbing my feet.  Sure enough, I dozed off for about an hour & a half.  While I appreciate my lovely wife, I awoke to pink painted toe-nails…SOOOO nice of her!

I had the dinner that Amy made for us (VERY good) & then we watched a few more episodes of The Incredible Hulk & then went up to bed.

It’s been a LONG day…but one of the better ones…

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