Treatment Day 19…

Mondays are always difficult.  Today wasn’t so bad.  While I got to bed late last night (couldn’t sleep), as the alarm went off I hit the snooze button on my cell phone several times (this is a common morning ritual).

I did the usual morning routine … got ready, fed the animals & made some coffee.  I went for my 14th radiation treatment & then had a visit with my chemotherapy doctor, Dr. Stone for a 2-week checkup.  He indicated that things appeared to be on schedule (though we’ve never clearly outlined what that schedule is) & I don’t have to meet with him for another 2 weeks.  He also indicated that we’d be removing the pick-line on April 5th.

After heading home, I got onto my usual Monday morning work conference calls.  I then dozed for about an hour & quickly left the house to get a hair cut & then head to Medical Center of Lewisville to see my mother who is still in the hospital now for nearly a week (Mom is currently under treatment for breast cancer).  She was admitted to the hospital nearly a week ago for low blood pressure, but is still there as they’re apparently having issues.

Anyhow, I just went up to be with her for the afternoon…she was in & out the whole time, but I just wanted to be there for her in case she needed anything or just to talk.  Given I had to sit the entire time, I didn’t do too bad…especially considering I didn’t take any extra pain pills with me, nor did I bring any ice packs.

I stayed about 4-5 hours & then headed home to be with Dawnette for the evening.  We did our usual chores & made a quick dinner (left-overs) & then watched a couple of episodes from The Incredible Hulk TV series from the early 80’s.

Over-all, a better day.  Not too overbearing from a pain perspective, I keep praying the pain will continue to diminish as the chemo & radiation continues.

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