Treatment Day 30…

TGIF…need I say more?  Again slept through most of the night.  Dawnette gave me a back-rub last night with oil & I think it just knocked me out.  It was nice to sleep that long.  It’s been rare.

Went to my radiation treatment in the morning & then came home & worked for a couple hours before resting.  Had a small lunch & then worked for a bit & then rested again.

After Dawnette came home, I went out & added weed & feed to the front yard, as well as mowed a couple of swaths of the back yard where I want the St. Augustine grass to overtake the non-St. Augustine grass.  That really did me in…again, simply too much in  a short period of time.

So, I came back in & we had a late dinner & just relaxed.  Watched a little bit of TV & that was really about it…

Very un-eventful day…nothing wrong with that!

Pain: 6

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